This Customer Agreement is entered into by and between Wallet Coins(the "Company") and the client or legal entity that has asked to open a trading account with the trading platform operated by the Company for the execution of instrument transactions in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

1. Introduction

1.1 The terms of this Agreement, as well as the Company's Risk Disclosure Document (the "Agreement") govern the relationship between the Client and the Company in of execution of exchange rates, shares, indices and other instruments Forex Trading, via the Company's trading platform provided to the Client by the Company (the "Trading Platform") and any other service provided by the Company to the Client (the "Company Services").

1.2 The Company shall establish the rules and instructions relating to the client's account and trading conditions, including including, but not limited to, the minimum size of the account, the minimum activity of the account, fees, bonus conditions, leverage limits and the society. will have the right to change these rules and time instructions in time.

2. The trading account

2.1 The company will open an account of trading (the "trading account") for and on the client's name, subject to the customer's registration with the company in accordance with the requirements of society, including the provision of complete and accurate information to the customer. by presenting identity documents, including a copy of a certificate of identity, passport, a copy of the credit card of his two sides, in the case where the deposit was made by credit card (the customer can hide the credit card number except four digits, and can also hide the CVV code, on the back of the card), and proof of address valid (three months), by presenting a government or other supplier electricity bill (water, tourist tax, electricity, etc.). The customer authorizes the Company to rely on any request, direction or other message from the Client, without further examination by the Company as to the authenticity, veracity or identity of the person who delivers or claims provide such request, orientation or message. The Customer undertakes to provide correct and complete information about him. The Customer must immediately report to the Company if the information provided by the Client to the Company.

2.2 The Company may, in its sole discretion discretion, act as mediator and ensure the coverage of Customer's transactions by different brokers, and also act as market maker and be the counterparty to the Client's transaction. The Company shall in no circumstances be used as agent or trustee of the Client or for its account. The Customer acknowledges that he / she acts for himself and not as agent or trustee on behalf of someone else. As a result, Customer agrees that he will be directly and fully responsible for performance of its obligations under this Agreement, including with respect to any Transaction made by or on behalf of the Client. The Company will not accept any other person as an indirect client with respect to this Agreement and will not accept any obligation with respect to such nobody except express written agreement otherwise.

2.3 The use of the Platform Trading is based on a limited, personal, non-transferable license and granted to the Customer. The customer is not authorized to transfer and / or assign and / or allow another person to use the license and / or act in the customer's account to someone who is not a customer and / or transfer username and password to other person's account.

2.4 The use of the system of trading and services of the company is personal and authorized beyond the age of 18 only. The Client must ensure that there is no obstacle legal or otherwise, and that the client has completed all legal requirements for the use of these services.

3. Guarantee Fund

3.1 As a condition for performing transactions in the Platform of the Company, the Client must provide to the Company a sufficient margin to secure the results of the negotiation in the account. The funds will be used for transactions, including trading losses, commissions and / or any other fees due by the customer to the company, which will automatically be deducted from the account of borncustomer negotiation. The Client's Sub-Funds will not accrue any interest or other rights (except for interest on swaps or swaps, as defined below). The negotiation of CFDs (Contracts For Differences), binary options or other trading methods relating to an undivided securities does not entitle the Customer to any dividends, voting rights, allowances or other benefits, but may be subject to adjustments as a result of financial events. allocate the underlying security, such as dividend distribution, dividing courses, etc.

3.2 Fund deposits with the Company are available in different payment methods and in different currencies agreed by the Company. from time to time, and the Trading Account will be converted and managed on the applicable US Dollar or Euro Trading Platform, based on the exchange rate determined by the Company based on rates as published in the same day. The Company uses clearing and money transfer solutions from different vendors and may receive or transfer funds through a third party, subject to applicable law.

3.3 In accordance with applicable laws and regulations Money laundering, when depositing by bank transfer or credit card, the customer is required to use his own bank account only. The Customer must send the Company a valid SWIFT confirmation, showing all details of the transmission bank account. Lanon-delivery of the SWIFT confirmation or, in case the details do not correspond to those of the trading account, may prevent the deposit of funds on the trading account.

3.4 When transferring funds To the Company by check or other means of payment authorized by the Company, the Client must be identified in accordance with the Company's bylaws and applicable laws. The Company does not accept funds in cash.

3.5 The Company will maintain and act with care in the client's funds. The Company shall have the right to use the Client's funds to cover the Customer's transactions, to cover the Customer's obligations resulting from the Customer's business activity and / or at the sole discretion of the Company, subject to the contractual obligation to pay or refund the money to the client according to the terms of this agreement. Determination of the amount of the Required Margin and the Client's obligations to the Company will be at the sole discretion of the Company.

3.6 When withdrawing funds from the Trading Account by the Client, the withdrawal will be made in the same currency and on the same account and / or credit card as the original ones, unless the company decides, in its sole discretion, to transfer the funds to another account.

3.7 Customer warrants and warrants that margin funds are not derived from criminal or unlawful activity and are without violation of anti-money laundering laws and regulations in the world.

3.8 The Company may at any time and its sole discretion, to block the activity in the Trading Account of the Clients if it suspects an act of fraud, cheating, falsification and / or any violation of the law or this Contract by the Customer.

3.9 The Customer will have no claim and / or claim against the Company and no e will not hold the Company accountable for any delay and / or any difference in the custom rates of financial institutions such as credit card banks.

3.10 Withdrawal requests must be submitted on the website. of the society. The Company does not require the requested withdrawal to be processed by any other means.

3.11 In the case of a request made by the Client, the Company transfers the amount requested (less the transfer fee, if applicable) within seven (7) Business Days of the day on which the Client has been identified by the Company, as defined by the Company, in its entirety.

3.12 The Company is authorized to cancel the withdrawal request of the Client if, at the discretion of the Company, the remaining balance (after the withdrawal) is not sufficient to guarantee the trading opened on the Trading Account.

3.13 If there has been no trading activity in the customer's account, the Company will charge a fee of 5% of the deposit when withdrawing the entire deposit in addition to all other fees determined in this Agreement.

3.14 Hereby, the Customer authorizes the Company to collect on the Trading Account all payments due to the Company. If the Client does not have sufficient funds to cover his liability, the Client must immediately deposit additional funds at the request of the Company, otherwise the Company may close the transactions in the Customer's Account.

3.15 The Company does not provide material proof of a Transaction. Profits and / orlosses will only be considered complete after the closing of the transaction.

4. General bonus policy

4.1 The company may, at its sole discretion, grant the client a trading bonus on its account. Unless otherwise indicated, the terms of this chapter will apply to the bonus.

4.2 The bonus will be calculated as a percentage of the deposit. The bonus will be granted as a one-time bonus in respect of such deposit and in the manner determined by the Company.

4.3 The bonus will become withdrawable subject to the execution of 1 Lot exchanged for $ 5 on the bonus.

4.5 The Customer may withdraw the bonus (in whole or in part) and / or the profits from the Trading Account, provided that the Client has exchanged the total amount of the Lots required to redeem the Bonus eligible for withdrawal (the "Target"). Each withdrawal will be considered first on the profit account and then on the bonus.

4.6 If the Client wishes to withdraw the deposit funds from the Trading Account before reaching the Target, the withdrawal will be available, however the Bonus and profits in the Tradings Account will be canceled and / or confiscated by the Company.

4.7 The Company may modify the terms of the Bonus at any time. Notice will be sent to customers by email or message on the Company's website.

4.8 Any transaction during and after the Bonus Period that violates the terms of this Agreement will result in the cancellation of all Bonus, at the sole discretion of the Company.

5. Fees and Expenses

5.1 The Company charges a fee for the execution of the Transaction on several Financial Instruments offered by the Trading Platform. Fees vary depending on the Company's classification of the Client. In addition, the Company earns revenue from the Transaction Spread (ie, the difference between the Bid / Bid price by the Trading Platform to the Customer). It is the responsibility of the Customer to decide whether or not to negotiate at these prices.

5.2 Accounts defined as Islamic discounts will be billed with a fee if open transactions are maintained for two days. On each third night of the opening of the transaction, the customer's account will be charged a commission of the spread amount of the open transaction.

5.3 The company may charge a commission for depositing funds on the trading account and withdrawals to the customer. The Company may introduce additional fees and charges and may change existing fees and charges at any time.

5.4 Inactive Trading Account - In the case where the client has not engaged in any trading activity in its depending on the period determined by the company or if the trading activity is at a low level according to the determined standards of the company and / or if the client does not hold the minimum amount required in his trading account as determined by the Company from time to In the meantime, the Company may charge the Client an administrative fee of 5% or 25 Euros or USD (depending on the currency in which the account is operated), whichever is greater. The period that will classify the Customer's account as inactive will be calculated from the date of opening or closing of the last transaction in the Customer's account. The Company may amend the terms and rules of this section, including the length of time during which the account will be defined as inactive, the level of activity in the account that is to be classified as a low level of activity, a minimum amount of funds that the client is required to hold in the trading account, as well as the size of the commission for a non-qualifying account.

6. Trading Conditions

6.1 The Trading Platform provided by the Company allows trading of the exchange rates of different currencies and CFDs of different financial instruments made available on the Company's Platform ("Financial Instruments"). When using the Trading Platform, the Client is displayed with bid and ask prices for trading in Financial Instruments on the basis of prices received from different financial information systems as market prices. To determine prices, the platform performs mathematical calculations according to known and accepted formulas.

6.2 The transaction is terminated in one of the following events:

The Client initiated the closing of LaTransaction

Transaction rates meet with the predefined stop loss, profit or other criteria established by the customer or the company under the terms of this agreement.

expiry of the Transaction has been reached in certain transactions, as defined by the Client or the Company, as the case may be.

The Customer has not sufficient funds in the Account, therefore the Company will forced closure of Transactions, at at the sole discretion of the Company, for purposes of compliance with the trading margin requirements set by the Company to the Client.

The Client may submit orders through the Trading Platform provided to the Client by the Company or by written orders (including fax), E-mail or other electronic device or verbally (including by telephone), unless the Company informs the Customer that a particular order can only be submitted in a particular way.

The Company does not permit the simultaneous executions of Controlled Transactions, Transactions based on market differences, publication of information (macroeconomic advice), freezing of prices, suspension of transactions, price or time manipulation, including scalping and exploitation of arbitration between different systems. as well as transactions found by the Company to be engaged in carrying out such prohibited transactions.

The Client authorizes the Company to rely on any order, request and instruction provided by the Customer or any authorized person on behalf of the Client. without further request from the Company as to the authenticity, accuracy of authority or identity of the person providing or purporting to provide such an order.

If the Client requests To cancel an order, the Company may cancel such orders only if it has not already acted on such an order, or if the Company decides otherwise.

The Company has the right, but not obligation, to set limits and / or certain parameters relating to the Client's account and to the trading instructions, in its sole discretion. These limits and / or parameters may be modified, increased, decreased, deleted or added by the Company and may include, without limitation: (i) limits on the maximum size of trading orders and the number of orders; (ii) the individual exposure limits or total exposure of the client; (iii) a limitation of the leverage effect in different financial instruments and more.

The Company has the right, at its discretion, to cancel or correct any transaction that has been executed enelement with an error , a system malfunction, a violation of the Contract by the Customer, etc. The documents of the Company will serve as decisive proof of the correct exchange. rates relative to the client's accounts.

& nbsp; Benefits - The Company may, from time to time, provide different benefits or subsidies to the trading stock. These benefits may be offered for limited periods and / or supply, and the Company will have the right to modify, freeze, cancel, etc. the terms of services from time to time and in its sole discretion.

& nbsp; The Company shall have the right, but not the obligation, to send to its Clients, notices and updates regarding the terms and conditions of exchange of underlying assets, such as expiry dates of CFD contracts, etc. The Customer has no claim against the Company for not having sent these notifications or updates or concerning the accuracy of the information contained in this notification. It is the ultimate responsibility of the client to become familiar with the trading terms of the assets on which they are trading.

7. Types of Orders

7.1 Buy - An order to buy an instrument at a price available for trading on the trading platform provided by the Company at the time of the order.

7.2 Sale - An order to sell an instrument at a price available for trading on the trading platform provided by the Company at the time of the order.

7.3 Limit Order - A Purchase or Sale Order limited to a certain price. Any Limited Order has a specific price limit determined by the Customer (subject to the consent of the Company). A limit order will be triggered if the buyer of the company (in the case of a sell order) is identical to or higher than the price limit set by the customer or if the asking price (in the case of a purchase order) is the same or less than the limit price defined by the customer. Once the trading price offered by the Company has reached the price defined by the limit order, the limit order will be triggered and the Company will seek to execute the order at that price. If the Company can not execute the order (due to price changes during the execution of the order), the limit order will wait again for the customer's determined price and will be triggered again.

7.4 Order of loss of value - Order used to close a transaction at a predetermined price by the Customer, whose intention is to limit the loss of the Customer to a predetermined amount known and known. The Company does not require the closing of the transaction at the customer's predetermined price due to changes in market conditions.

7.5 Take Profit Ordere) is an order for the closing of a transaction at a predetermined price set by the Client, whose intention is to close the transaction when he has made a certain profit. As soon as the trading price proposed by the Company reaches the target price of the limit order, the limit order will be triggered and the Company will seek to execute the order at that price. In the event that the Company can not execute the order (due to changes in stock prices during the execution of the order), the limit order will wait again the price set by the Customer and will be executed.

7.6 Buy an order purchase - a subsequent purchase Purchase order for an instrument at a price set by the customer higher than the exchange price of the instrument at the moment of transmission of the order. The purchase will be executed when the negotiated price of the instrument on the Platform reaches the price fixed by the Customer and if the order can not be executed at the price fixed by the Customer (due to the volatility of the price of the instrument) that the The order will be executed at the trading price available on the trading platform that is closest to the price set by the customer and in which the order is applicable.

7.7 Stop sale order - a future order of sale for sell an instrument at a price set by the customer that is less than the price at which the Instrument is traded when the order is transmitted. The sale will be executed when the negotiated price of the instrument on the Platform reaches the price fixed by the Customer and if the order can not be executed at the price fixed by the Customer (due to the volatility of the price of the instrument) that the order will be executed at the trading price available on the trading platform that is closest to the price set by the customer and in which the order is applicable.

7.8 The Company does not guarantee, among other things: (a) open a transaction at the price determined by a stop order; (b) execute orders based on covered trades (two stop orders in opposite directions in the same currency or correlated currencies); markets are interrupted or all cease (d) in instruments that are not traded 24 hours a day like CFDs on indices, commodities, oil and other currenciesinstruments, during holidays, weekends, news announcements, special events and / or economic and other crises.

7.9 Bearings or swaps - Customer's transactions are automatically transferred ("rolled over ") on the next business day without the need for customer intervention. These conversions are sometimes taken into account with differences in foreign exchange rates that affect the trading account. In the case where the client has an open position on Wednesday at 24:00, the customer will be charged with the deswap commission for three days.

7.10 Margin Call - Opening funds are the amounts of money that the customer deposit in guarantee of itspositions. When a Customer opens a position whose size is greater than the sum deposited by the Customer, this means that the Customer uses a delevier effect. The Customer undertakes to deposit additional funds with the Company, on request, as guarantees, to secure open or foreseeable losses. In the event that the customer fails to respond to this margin call, the Company may close the customer's position at prices and times that may be less favorable to the customer and the company has no liability with the above. Currently, and subject to change in the future at the discretion of the Company, the Company will have the right to close all or part of the Client's open positions and / or limit the Client's ability to open additional positions. in the event that the margin in the customer's account represents 50% or less of the value of the customer's open orders; It must not be supposed that the Company will always do so.

8. Disclosure of Risks

8.1 The Company and any person acting on its behalf do not advise Clients with respect to the profitability of any commercial or non-action action, and with respect to tax consequences, and do not manage the investments for the customers. The Client guarantees that it is solely responsible for the independent evaluation and risk investigation of any Transaction. The Client is required to have prior knowledge of Forex and other financial instruments and to take into account his actions and the risks incurred before acting on the Trading Platform. The client acknowledges having read and understood the enclosed risk statement which forms an integral part of this agreement.

8.2 The Company may provide itsCustomers or publish factual market informationthem concerning a specific underlying instrument as well as updating the Customer with the republication and analysis of reputable third parties as well as general information such as technical analysis or known trading techniques. However, the Company does not undertake or commit to the accuracy or completeness of the information or the commercial or tax implications of a certain transaction. The provision of information is incidental to Customer's relationship with the Company and is provided solely to enable the Client to make its own investment decisions.

8.3 The Company is not required to evaluate Customer's Transaction or to assess whether the Customer has the necessary knowledge and experience. All risks associated with the foregoing are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

8.4 Merchant Tax Allowances - Any tax on the Customer and / or arising from the Customer's Trading Activity will be fully and entirely at the customer's expense. The Customer must personally declare and pay any tax liability to which he is obligated. The Company serves solely as a mediator and does not collect or withhold taxes for the Client. The Company reserves the right, on the order of an official entity, to deduct the tax from the Client and to return it to the competent tax authority.

9. Account balances

9.1 Balances and statements are displayed in the trading platform. The client can at any time consult the open trades and the state of the margin funds by accessing the trading account on the trading platform due Company and review the reports created by the Company. The Company does not send printed reports to the Client.

9.2 Account Activity Reports - The client must follow his trading account regularly. The Customer must immediately report any discrepancies to the Company and bring it to his attention. All trading certificates and monthly reports must be considered truthful and acceptable to the client if no claim has been processed upon receipt.

10. Closing an Account and Terminating the Agreement

10.1 Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving ten (10) days written notice to the other party. The Company may terminate this Agreement immediately upon the Customer's breach of contract. In the event of termination of this Agreement, the Customer will be required to close all open positions in the Trading Account, otherwise the notice will be canceled or the Company will have the right to close all open positions for the Customer without assuming any responsibility for the consequences of the foregoing.

10.2 Upon receipt of the notice of disbursement, all amounts due from one Party to the other Party shall become due forthwith, without derogation from the provisions of Article 3.11 (provide the Customer's identification documents for the execution of a withdrawal to the Customer) of this Contract.

10.3 Termination shall not affect the provisions of this Agreement which are intended to remain in effect between the Parties by their nature. , such as confidentiality, compensation, limitation of liability, applicable law and jurisdiction.

11. Limitations of Liability


11.2 As trading systems are based on, among other things, computer networks. , information networks and the Internet, the business or a part of it may cease and / or be interrupted without notice or for reasons beyond the control of the Company. In such cases, the Company may, among other things, close all open positions made by the Client, without notice and, at the same time, at fair market prices at that time. The client will not have a claim or claim or right of indemnification with respect to damages caused by the termination of trading.

11.3 The Company does not guarantee that the services must not be interrupted and without error, as well as unauthorized access, hacker attacks, damage, malfunctions, hardware defects, software, communication lines and systems, commercial information providers, etc.

11.4 Trading Services Provided by the Company are designed as transaction execution services for professional tradersand not professionals. The servicene shall not be considered as an investment advice or recommendation by the Company or affiliated companies for the purchase, sale or holding of a particular security, financial product or instrument in connection with the performance of this investment. The Company is not registered as an Investment Advisor or Discounter.

11.5 Since the information, including pricing information, is received from third-party international data providers, the Company is not responsible for accuracy and up-to-date information published on the website and / or the Trading Platform. international market rate. In the event of an error in the transmission of the information, the Company shall have the right to modify the prices and positions of the Customer.

11.6 The Customer undertakes to indemnify the Company and any person on its behalf, from his first claim, against and against any liability, wrongful action or omission, claim, loss and / or expense (including legal fees), duties, taxes, fees, commissions or other expenses incurred by the Company.

11.7 The Company shall have the right to compensate any debt or other obligations of the Client towards the Company. In case of voluntary or involuntary insolvency proceedings against the Client, all debts, future debts and other obligations of the Client towards the Company shall be paid immediately by the Client to the Company.

12. General

12.1 The Company has the right to modify this Agreement without the prior consent of the Customer. During a major modification of the Contract, the Customer will be informed at least 10 (Ten) Business Days in advance. The change will come into force on the date indicated in the notice.

12.2 If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes unlawful, invalid or unenforceable in any regard to the law of a jurisdiction, or the law, the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement and the application of the law The other provisions of this Agreement shall be applied and shall remain intact.

12.3 We are aware that any third party or payment service provider will simply facilitate business with my provider and we do not receive any form of financial services from them.

12.4 We are certain that we should not use the third party / payment service provider or its affiliates as a service vehicle but a conventional and trusted service provider to facilitate payment only. I confirm that I have no other claim against the third party or payment service provider after payment.

12.5 Governing Law and Jurisdiction - This Agreement is governed by the law applicable in the country of our company. The Company shall have the right, in order to collect funds due to the Company from the Client or to protect the rights of the Company such as name, intellectual property, confidentiality etc., to immediately bring legal proceedings against the Client, in the residence of the Client. according to the client's residence policy.

12.6 Transfer Rights - This agreement is personal to the client and he / she does not have the right to assign or transfer rights or obligations according to. The Company shall have the right to terminate this Agreement to its affiliates.